Green-tech Supply Bio Retention Soil for Plymouth City Centre Regeneration Scheme ..

Plymouth City Centre embarked on a transformative regeneration project to revitalise the key areas of Old Town Street and New George Street. The £1.6 million contract aims to deliver significant visual and environmental improvements, including 25 new semi-mature trees, new islands of greenery, and a sustainable urban drainage system that includes three rain gardens with ornamental planting.

The scheme focused on enhancing the urban landscape, promoting sustainability, and mitigating flood risks through innovative solutions. YGS Landscapes was appointed as the Landscape Contractor as part of this initiative. They turned to Green-tech, a leading provider of landscaping materials, to supply 160 tonnes of Green-tree Bioretention Soil to create the three rain gardens.

This major public realm improvement project involved the removal of existing surfacing, street furniture, and soft landscaping and replacing them with new hard and soft landscaping, new street furniture, and lighting. It also required the removal of contaminated material, underground obstructions, pre-war historical city features, and old utility systems to integrate with modern amenities and drainage systems.

Green-tree Bioretention helped to address the project’s sustainability and drainage needs. Designed to facilitate rainwater absorption, filtration, and plant growth, this specialist soil played a central role in the creation of the rain gardens. The scheme plays an important role in the city’s flood management strategy and its Climate Emergency Action Plan as the three rain garden tanks are capable of holding back 75.5 cubic metres of storm water.

Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SuDs) are designed to protect streets from flooding. On this occasion, it entailed creating large holes in the ground that were reinforced and layered with material to act like a giant plant pot to hold rainwater which will irrigate the new plants and trees.

Green-tree Bioretention Soil uses the highest quality sands and green composts to provide an efficient permeability rate to avoid waterlogging on the surface area while holding sufficient nutrient levels and organic matter to support the vegetation used. The soil’s composition ensures the successful establishment of vegetation and the effective management of stormwater runoff.

The incorporation of Bioretention soil in Plymouth’s city centre regeneration yielded multiple benefits. Beyond its functional role in stormwater management, the green infrastructure enhanced the area’s visual appeal. Importantly the project demonstrates Plymouth’s commitment to environmental stewardship and climate resilience.

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