Green-tech supply materials for tree planting around a new Wimpey Taylor SuDS Scheme ..

Set in the vibrant town of Ipswich, Wolsey Grange is a growing community of newly built homes by Taylor Wimpey

As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a sustainable surface water drainage system (SuDS) was implemented, designed to reduce rates of stormwater run-off. An Attenuation basin will control water flow from the site into the existing watercourse. These sustainable drainage features will also create a range of water habitats for wildlife. A maintenance regime has been established to ensure the future performance of sustainable drainage features.

Attenuation basins are a common sight on most new build sites and allow for safe and contained storage for excess rain and stormwater as it allows for its release over time into the sewer system at a controlled rate. They remove much of the potential flooding risk caused by the inability of excess water to drain safely.

Cox Landscapes is the experienced landscape contractor on this large-scale project and has vast experience in the landscaping of attenuation basins.  They were responsible for the planting area outside of the attenuation basin which involved planting potted plants and bare root trees and protecting these by staking and installing Tubex tree shelters.

Green-tech is Cox Landscapes supplier for landscaping materials and supplied circa 500 stakes and Holdfast natural tree hessian ties for securing the stakes to the trees, as well as 60cm Tubex tree shelters. In Keeping with this biodiverse and sustainable project the Natural tree ties are made entirely of natural fibres and are fully biodegradable. Unlike other tree ties, a spacer is not required when using with Natural tree tie. You can form a spacer by using the tie itself.

15 rolls of Ecomatt weed control fabric were supplied and installed before being planted and finished off with decorative bark. The Ecomatt offers a great biodegradable tree weed control option that degrades over two growing seasons. It is manufactured in the UK, exclusively for Green-tech Ltd from 100% recycled materials: and is needle punched onto a film backing, to allow both air and water to pass through the layers.

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