Foley Company supplies grinder to Cyril Johnston ..

A new Foley Company 633 Accu-Touch 3 Control precision grinder has recently been purchased by Northern Ireland machinery dealer Cyril Johnston. Installed by Ian Robson of ProSport UK Ltd, UK and Ireland distributor for Foley, the new grinder was chosen specifically for its quality and accuracy of relief grind. Although capable of spin and relief grinding, Cyril Johnston services has expanded its operation, and a large number of its customers use Baroness mowers.

Baroness are very insistent that their mowers retain the relief edge that was honed in manufacture to deliver the best performance and cut out on the grass. Melvin Pogue is Service Manager at Cyril Johnston and is very aware of the standards they need to achieve to compete with other dealers in their area.

“We collaborate closely with Baroness to deliver the high spec and cutting quality that they expect. Too do this we know we have to relief grind our reels. The Foley meets that expectation and in addition is fully automated, so it can be set up and left to do it’s work, while our mechanics team just walks away and gets on with other jobs.

Another essential element is the speed of operation. The grinder is quick to set up and then completes the cycles much faster than our previous grinder. This saves us time and means we can process more grinding in the same time period. Keeping our customers happy is a priority, so we provide a quick, responsive service. The sooner their units are back in action the happier everyone is. By relief grinding, the units will also stay on cut longer!”

All of Foley’s ACCU-series reel grinders combine the two most desirable features in the grinding business: spin and automatic-indexing relief systems. And with our extensive experience serving the turf industry, we can provide a range of options that fit your budget and production needs.

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