Yamaha’s battery technology in golf cars and UTVs ..

Yamaha features battery technology in its golf and light utility vehicles. 

In the Drive² AC Li golf car the battery is a high-performance, maintenance-free, cobalt-free unit from the renowned manufacturer, Roypow®, and offers a number of key benefits. Linked to a powerful 3.3 kW motor, it provides fast, smooth acceleration and, with greater torque than a conventional lead acid battery, it’s 20% faster climbing a 15-degree incline.

The new Drive² AC Li can utilise YamaTrack, Yamaha’s management system, that improves the operational efficiency of any golf car fleet. It allows golfers to enjoy 3-D terrain graphics and customisable Pro tips, while geo-zones can be set up to protect environmentally sensitive areas and players can pre-order food and beverages while out on the course.

While the successful range of Yamaha’s ATV models satisfies the requirements of the more extreme off-road user, the UMX AC is designed to handle an array of tasks in commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure environments.

At its heart, the UMX AC features a punchy 48-volt, 5.0 kW motor, that’s not just quieter and better for the environment, but has a good range and is simple to plug in and charge. It delivers smooth, flexible power that takes the operator just about anywhere in a park, resort, golf course, farm, airport, factory … just simply point and go.

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