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Precise and consistent application of liquid pesticides and weed control chemicals to the exact areas that need to be treated, are key attributes of GPS-enabled sprayers. Assisting in the precision, individual nozzle control means sprayer operators will only spray inside designated boundaries, without wasting chemicals on non-targeted areas, negating the need for the operator to turn on and off boom sections when spraying.

Smithco were one of the first companies to introduce GPS technology when the Star Command system debuted in 2012. The ability to correct over spraying/over application brings additional environmental benefits, including reducing the usage of chemical inputs and more accurate distribution.

The Spray Star range features four self-propelled sprayers with control options such as the TeeJet Radion Rate Controller, Radion with Dyna-Jet Pulse Width Modulation, or Smithco’s Star Command 2 providing minimal corrections, turn compensation, and the industry-leading 25cm nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than competitors. Hydrostatic drive allows a constant engine RPM providing constant flow and pressure to the spray system for a consistent spray application.

As the largest capacity dedicated sprayer in its class, the Spray Star 1200 ensures that efficiency is optimised with a 757-litre low profile elliptical polypropylene tank, warrantied for life. The high performance, cost-efficient pumping system features a self-priming and corrosion resistant, stainless steel centrifugal pump generating 341 litres/minute and providing the capability for high flow applications with superior agitation. The cab-forward design provides superior visibility, handling, and operator comfort.

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