Ventrac – Probably the Most Versatile Compact Tractor in the UK ..

“In my opinion we have the most versatile machine for grounds management applications in the UK,” says Rupert Price, the managing director of Price Turfcare, the UK importers of the Ventrac compact tractor. “Obviously I’m biased towards the use of compact tractors as it’s my core business, but our equipment has the major advantage of being extremely versatile. Ventrac’s range of attachments are designed to fit perfectly with the tractor unit, easily and with minimal downtime.

“We now have in excess of 30 different attachments including the most recent launches – the seedbed preparation equipment and the new loader with log grapple. It can be used as a mower, with seven different mowing decks for various types of turf or as a trencher, aerator, stump grinder, edger, leaf blower, snow blower, snow plough, gritter and more, so there is no reason why it cannot be used all year round.”

“We recently supplied one customer with a machinery replacement package of four Ventrac tractor units and 13 attachments to maintain their golf course. These replaced over 10 dedicated powered units that do just a single job. Everything is now interchangeable and with the Ventrac’s low ground pressure it will offer all year round use in all conditions. And finally it has ticked all the Health and Safety issues when it came to working on slopes around the course.

“With compact tractors comes versatility, so long as any attachments can be swapped over easily. Ventrac’s unique mounting system ensures that implements can be changed in less than a minute, so if you can change that quickly, then it’s more likely that you will! If it takes an age to mount implements, there’s a danger that your tractor and chosen implement becomes a ‘one-trick pony’ because it’s too bothersome and time-consuming to swap out one attachment for another.


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