High Performance Brushcutters Engineered For Mowing Long Grass & On Slopes ..

For over 60 years, Canycom have been listening to the needs of their customers and producing highly efficient solutions. The Canycom range of Ride-On Brushcutters are loved by customers due to their simple design yet impressively high level of performance.

All Canycom Ride-On Brushcutters are 4WD and can easily switch from 2WD to 4WD depending on the ground conditions.

Canycom Brushcutters are designed to work in the toughest conditions, these machines effectively clear long grass, bushes, weeds, bracken & brambles in a variety of sites such as woodland trails and orchards. The 4WD enables ease in operation and maneuverability to ensure high energy efficiency and great results on steep slopes up to 25°.

All models available in the Canycom ride-on brushcutter range are powered by either a reliable Honda or Yamaha engine.

The toolless blade change is available on all models (except CM1402) and makes this process quick and easy to complete.

There are no cutter deck belts to adjust or replace making the maintenance and cleaning of the mower easier and quicker and more power is delivered direct to the blades for extra efficiency.

With Canycom ride-on brushcutters, steep slopes can be mown conveniently and economically and offer the operator comfort with an adjustable steering wheel and seat.

Should you require any further information about PSD’s range of Canycom mowing and brushcutting mowers or to arrange a demonstration, please contact:

Tel: 01282 856819   Email: sales@psdgroundscare.com   Web: www.psdgroundscare.co.uk

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