Newby Hall & Gardens: Setting the Standard with Award-Winning Grounds and Innovative Mowing Solutions ..

Newby Hall and Gardens is setting the highest standards of presentation. Located near Ripon in Yorkshire, the stunning home and gardens won the coveted “Historic Houses Garden of the Year” award twice.

“We have over 300 acres of parkland with an inner area of formal gardens covering some 25 acres,” begins Nigel Allison, Grounds Manager, Newby Hall & Gardens.  “Our cylinder mower was getting expensive to maintain, so we acquired a new Major MJ71-400T Trailed Swift Roller Mower. The finish we are getting from the Major Swift is superior to anything else we have used. And, we are covering the grassland areas in half the time it took with the previous mower.”

Nigel and his team demonstrated several mower brands on the estate through their local dealer Wilfred Scruton. “The build quality of the Major Swift mower was far superior to anything else we looked at,” begins Nigel. “It’s a very well put together piece of kit that comes with front and rear rollers, eight rotors and sixteen blades. It has a direct gear drive – so no belts to tension or wear out and it’s a very simple machine to maintain. We can also set the height of cut very quickly anywhere between 10-130mm.

The wings on the MJ71-400T fold to give a 2.4m transport width.  “The undulating ground here was always a challenge with our cylinder mowers which often scalped the turf,” continues Nigel. “The Major Swift handles even the roughest of ground without scalping, because the front and rear rollers means it follows the contours perfectly,” explains Nigel.  “Our decision to buy the Major Swift was based purely on build quality and mowing finish, and our experience has shown that we definitely made the right choice.”

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