SCH GWU Garden Watering Unit ..

Plants and trees can be expensive to replace, and keeping them healthy is the passion and expertise of SCH Supplies. As manufacturers of waterers, no one understands the importance of adequate hydration better. With capacities from 50 to 2000 litres, these watering units are typically towed behind a ride-on lawnmower or a small tractor, but some can be pulled by hand.

The SCH GWU Garden Watering Unit is a 270-litre waterer mounted on a single-axle chassis and is available in both petrol and electric. The benefits of an electric motor include its low noise output, which is essential for those that enjoy peace and quiet. A suction refill unit can be fitted to petrol models to allow filling from external sources such as ponds, lakes and tanks. This adaption must be requested at the time of ordering.

Sticking to its roots, SCH Supplies Ltd follow old-school manufacturing techniques that demand a highly durable product that is simple to service and maintain.

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